Hello friends… and welcome. The balancing and
                            healing information I have collected through ongoing participatory
                          research  with the dolphins and whales in Hawaii, Bimini, Florida, Tonga and The Dominican Republic accompany me as I continue sharing my Way to Wellness programs. I teach in hospitals and Wellness Centers across the country, reaching cardiac patients, cancer patients, and now many other people who have come through a life altering event and are ready to take the next step and begin to live well through personal stewardship. Wellness is an inside job, "from your skin… in." You can learn how to live at the level of personal preference and  swim in the waters of harmony, serenity, health and wellness. I encourage you to join me and claim your worthiness ...so put your toe in the water now."

with love and respect, Laurie Seligman

In this inspiring memoir of spiritual transformation, Laurie learns to take control of her destiny, rising from a series of physical challenges and loss; three surgeries in three years, death of her mother to cancer, and the sudden end to her lifestyle, finances, health care and pension as a result of disablement. She has a complete life makeover, and with the assistance of free swimming dolphins, overcomes her perception of diminished self worth as a woman and a human being, and emerges with new purpose and life direction.
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Reviewed in Awareness Magazine, Jan, 08, endorsed by Dr .C. Norm Shealy, founder American Holistic Medical Association

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